Master Class with
Stanislav Ioudenitch

Stanislav Ioudenitch, who won the Cliburn Gold Medal in 2001 and the Wideman Gold Medal in 1998, will be one of the judges of this year's Wideman.  He has graciously consented to give a Master Class the day before the Competition starts.  Five contestants have volunteered to participate:

2:00 - Yunhee Kim, Beethoven, Sonata No 30, Op 109

2:45 - Phyllis Pan, Liszt, Rhapsodie Espagnole

3:30 - Davide Cara, Bach-Busoni, Chaccone in D minor


4:30 - Akari Mizumoto, Chopin, Polonaies Fantasie

5:15 - Lewis Warren, Rachmaninoff, Piano Sonata, No 1, Op 28 (First Movement)